Forever Captured Photography
by chloe Lindenberg

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Our Style

Vibrant Earthy Tones.  Heartfelt Captures for the Adventurous.

We love working with natural light for all of our family and children sessions. Golden hour, just before sunset is our most favoured time to shoot and we really love to encourage scheduling our on-location session during the late evening to capture the most stunning colours in your portraits! 

We provide a fun, calm atmosphere for all of our sessions. Guidance is always offered and we absolutely love capturing the unique quirks of each family, couple and child. Our sessions are completely client led. We work with you and your little ones, we allow you the time to get comfortable and love going on adventures with your little people and capturing their unique personalities.
We love Getting your children to giggle, families to tickle! Capturing that gorgeous connection between loved ones is what we are all about. When you look back on your images, we want you to remember how you felt, how you loved and how you laughed with the ones closest to you. We LOVE vibrancy and colour~ creating statement, fine art portraits that you can hang with pride in your home!

Studio Photography for your littlest people, and newest members of your family is what we absolutely adore! We have an incredible Studio dedicated to Newborn Photography here in Chinchilla to ensure you're comfortable throughout the entirety of your session and to ensure the safety of your new baby is at an all time high. Our studio is stocked with amazing, high quality products designed specifically for Newborn Photography. The safety of you and your baby is of highest priority.  We love creating gorgeous family portraits with depth and emotion, something that you'll re-live time and time again when you look back on your images. Depth in your images that captures every line, every crease and every hair on your babies tiny body, deep tones that capture the emotion and connection you have for this new life you've created together. 
We have our own unique style, setups and workflow to ensure you get variety and quality every time. 

Come and chat with me, hang out with us on location or join us in our gorgeous studio and enjoy all the precious moments that will all too soon become distant memories and have them captured uniquely and beautifully with us at FCP.